Friday, 24 April 2009

T is for Trespass: Sue Grafton - Book 23, 2009

T is for Trespass: Sue Grafton
Genre: Crime/detective/mystery
Rating: 7/10
Comments: A fantastic book which unfortunately is let down by an implausible and annoying ending. Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone's elderly neighbour Gus suffers a fall and needs nursing assistance while he recovers at home. Millhone is hired by his niece to do a pre-employment check of Gus' nurse and everything looks fine. Unfortunately for Gus, while his carer has taken on the identity of a real and respectable nurse, she is at heart a predator who only has her own interests at heart. When Millhone becomes concerned at Gus' deterioration, she finds herself in a battle of wits with a cold and manipulative psychopath.

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