Sunday, 31 May 2009

The Lucy Family Alphabet by Judith Lucy: Book 30, 2009

Title: The Lucy Family Alphabet by Judith Lucy
Genre: autobiography, humour
Rating: 10/10
Comments: If you thought your family was strange and dysfunctional, you haven't yet met the Lucys. One comes away from reading this book thinking"this explains a lot" about one of Australia's funniest yet self-deprecating comedians, Judith Lucy. Brought up in Perth by a mother who was a pathological liar who feared water (Judith didn't shower before the age of 15), a father who wore makeup to enhance his appearance (a metrosexual ahead of his time) and a Grandmother who used the funeral of her own daughter to turn the attention back on herself, it's not surprising Judith has had a long-time relationship with alcohol and a series of bad relationships with men. Then she found out that she was adopted. At the age of 25. From her brother's wife at the Christmas from hell to end all Christmases from hell.

Both side-splittingly humorous and heart-breakingly painful, this book is a tribute to the family who made Judith the woman she is today. It particularly highlights the positive relationship and love she has with her brother Niall, but also the love she has for her parents, notwithstanding their nuttiness. Because a the end of the day she loves her parents. Doesn't everyone love their parents?

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