Sunday, 21 June 2009

Photo finish by Ngaio Marsh: Book 36, 2009

Title: Photo finish by Ngaio Marsh
Genre: Detective
Rating: 6/10
Plot summary: (from Amazon)
In Ngaio Marsh's "Photo Finish", Inspector Alleyn travels to Marsh's back yard -- New Zealand -- to consult with an Opera diva who is being stalked by a mysterious photographer. Unflattering photos of 'The Sommita', as she is known, have driven her -- as well as her 'patron' and his staff -- to distraction. Alleyn, along with his artist wife, Agatha Troy (who is to paint a portrait of the singer), journey to a remote island hideaway where murder -- no surprise -- quickly occurs.
Comments: Characters are stereotypical and over-the-top, plot is predictable but still an enjoyable read if there is nothing else around.

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