Saturday, 17 January 2009

Confessions of a Pretty Lady: Sandra Bernhard - Book 5, 2009

Confessions of a Pretty Lady: Sandra Bernhard
Type: personal/confessional
Rating: 6/10
Comments: To quote Claudius, this book is indescribable. Part memoir, all biting commentary, Bernhard is a highly intelligent, high strung writer with a provocative attitude to match. I found little to relate to in the writings of this obsessive-compulsive and ultimately cold and distant character - despite her sharing of some very intimate details of her life.

I've had this book for over a decade, along with 'Love, Love & Love' which is in almost pristine condition. By page 4 I remember why. The book starts with a conversation between two lesbians in a less than perfect relationship. When I got to the line "You're the one who loves to eat my pussy when I have my period" I shut the book and decide to donate both of Bernhard's works. I am tempted to give them to a fundamentalist church op shop but will probably dispose of them in Brunswick where they will be more appreciate.

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